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Improve Your Workflow with SPRY Integrated EMR.

Be on top of your clinic’s documentation with automated workflows that help you take error-free notes and ensure compliance, 30% faster.


Reduced note-creation time
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Free up your front office with automated workflows for recording data faster.

Save time and effort with automated digital intake integrated with your EMR. Make manual transcription obsolete.
Automatically populate notes from intake information. Get medical history, pain scales, and injury information on your notes as soon as the patient fills them out.
Go paperless and send notes with ease, with built-in e-fax.

Take notes quicker and more efficiently with innovative, custom workflows.

Take notes faster with auto-filling fields that let you fill out SOAP notes in less than 5 minutes.
Carry over information from each encounter and make progress notes and follow up notes in two minutes.
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Specialty-specific charting that keeps up with the times.

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Cater to all specialties with workflows for the Vestibular, Pediatric, Cardio, Pelvic Floor Health and more.
Make charting easy with 6000+ automated, custom workflows from initial evaluation, progress note, to discharge note.
Document even faster with pre-built smart workflows that adapt based on the specialization, injury and body part.

Configure custom workflows and create templates that meet your clinic’s specific needs.

Easily customize all forms, such as PROM and SOAP, in no time with agile support.
Create your own templates with pre-filled default values to further reduce note taking time.
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Stay up-to-date with shifting compliance standards.

Set up reminders for your physical therapists to fill out SOAP notes.
Flag notes with errors or incorrect information. Get reimbursed for every claim with built-in reporting systems for payer compliance standards.
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Get all your patient records and clinic data in one single scannable place.

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Get fully digitized records that you can access and edit anywhere, anytime. Even on your mobile phone.
View all patient details, from insurance, referrals and HEP progress to pending payments in one centralized platform.
Easily transition to Value-Based Care and close gaps in care with accurate, real-time data. Make well-informed point-of-care decisions with insights introduced directly into your workflows.
You could be seeing more patients, but paperwork’s holding you back.
Does this sound like you?

Outdated, slow tools mean manual intervention at every step and inefficient and inaccurate notes. There’s a better way to run your clinic: with Spry.

You’re typing out notes and transcribing records manually.
Spry has automated workflows for everything—from patient acquisition and intake to SOAP and PROM notes to billing and reimbursements. This means your patients never have to sit around while you type up notes or go through tedious intake processes.
You’re juggling a bunch of disparate tools that don’t talk to each other.
With SPRY, you have a fully integrated solution, that makes sure charting, billing, EMR, HEP and all your other processes interact smoothly, for zero data loss and duplication.
Your EMR is still using dated, clunky UI that can’t keep up with modern clinical needs.
SPRY’s innovative smart charting makes documentation easy with sleek, user-friendly interface, specialty-specific workflows, and constantly updating compliance standards and billing rules.
Your physical therapists are spending their time on admin, when they could be seeing patients.
SPRY lets you take notes with just a couple of clicks, so that you can focus on your patient instead of your screen. Reduce your note-taking time by 30%, to provide a better clinical experience and see more patients.
Reduce your staff’s burden. Get the practice management solution that can help you allocate your resources better.

Let’s See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

The SPRY's dedication to meeting my clinic's unique needs, together with their excellent customer service, ultimately won me over and convinced me to purchase their equipment. Their functional mobility assessment site has proven to be an effective online tool for developing a relationship with prospective customers. They have been excellent partners in meeting my EMR demands and are generally attentive to my requests.
Troy Legrand OTR/L
Founder, Grand Therapeutic Services
Integrating SPRY into our practice has been a game changer. We’ve noticed decreased time with documentation, less billing errors, and improved efficiency with cash flow. Our therapists have been able to spend more time with direct patient care, and as an owner I’ve been able to gain valuable insights into how my practice is running.
Sam Shah
Owner, Movement Physical Therapy
Working with Spry has been an excellent experience in ingenuity and customer service. It is a rare experience to be not only heard, but to see action immediately taken on any requests we make! Incredible.
Dionne Butler
Owner, Align Therapy

Digitize your clinic operations. Improve clinical efficiency with SPRY.

Automate and re-imagine the way you take notes for a smoother patient journey, and better resource allocation.
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