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Get all the features you need to level up your physical therapy clinic operations. Modernize and streamline everything from scheduling and PROM to reimbursements and HEP for greater efficiency and smoother operations.
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Integrated Billing
Get shorter revenue cycles with faster reimbursements without laboring over sheaves of data.
Keep up with shifting reimbursement regulations with integrated billing rules in your EMR.
Speed up your revenue cycle with instant, accurate claims submission and automatic patient billing.
Spot errors before they turn into claim rejections with our smart, AI-based rule engine. No more incorrectly entered CPT codes or missing documentation.
Get customizable billing analytics. View total revenue, pending payments, defaults and identify the right payor mix, CPT mix, and operational bottlenecks.
Get competent denial management without the need for in-house billers and coders.
Integrated Billing
Transform your front office operations with a modern tool that automates the manual work.
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Configure digital patient intake forms based on your clinic’s needs. Let patients fill in their  personal, medical, subjective and insurance details with an easy drop-down menu or by uploading documentation.
Set up automated follow-up reminders through email or text, so that your patients never forget an appointment.
Reduce patient wait times with auto-adaptive form-filling with 6000+ digitized workflows.
Automated Eligibility Verification
Get shorter revenue cycles with faster reimbursements without laboring over sheaves of data.
Prevent claim denials by verifying insurance eligibility automatically, right when patients book appointments.
Spry works with on-exchange and off-exchange insurance companies, Medicare, and worker compensation to validate insurance eligibility during intake.
View physical-therapy-specific deductibles, co-pays, pre-authorization requirements and limitations instantly.
Eliminate duplication of data and errors caused due to manual typing. Auto-integrate insurance information into all workflows, right from intake.
Integrated HEP
Analyze your patients’ progress with integrated HEP and cutting-edge motion tracking tech.
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Back your treatment plans with a library of clinically-validated exercises with over 4500 presets.
Track every patient’s progress at a glance with digitized charting.
Measure patient adherence and track HEP progress with SPRY’s innovative AI technology and set recovery goals within the platform.
Let our best-in-class AI vision assess the patient’s form and movements using the patient’s computer—without the need for specialized equipment.
Let Spry flag inconsistencies during HEP. Intervene in real-time and help them achieve rehab goals faster.
Smart Charting
Document the Spry way. Faster, smarter, effortless SOAP notes that adapt to every specialization and clinic.
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No more hours of typing. Click and enter your SOAP notes within minutes.
Create notes faster with pre-built workflows for multiple physical therapy specialties such as the vestibular, pediatric, cardio, and pelvic floor.
Build your own SOAP note templates with pre-filled default values, all with a few clicks.
Carry forward information from each appointment, and enter progress notes in <2 minutes.
Stay compliant with our payer-specific billing rules integrated into your documentation workflows. Automatically validate CPT codes and get alerts for incorrect data.
Automatically populate notes with information provided at intake. Have complete patient records at your fingertips during each appointment.
Customizable Reporting
Customizations that help you operate efficiently. Reporting that helps your clinic grow.
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Customize all workflows, forms and charts to suit your clinic’s unique needs.
Get all customization requests translated into your actual platform in 2 weeks or less.
Track your clinic’s performance with full visibility on eligibility, collections, revenue analytics and more.
View productivity per therapist, referrals, conversions, marketing ROI and more in one unified dashboard.
Strengthen your clinic’s online presence and reach patients in your locality with stronger SEO.

Let’s See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

The SPRY's dedication to meeting my clinic's unique needs, together with their excellent customer service, ultimately won me over and convinced me to purchase their equipment. Their functional mobility assessment site has proven to be an effective online tool for developing a relationship with prospective customers. They have been excellent partners in meeting my EMR demands and are generally attentive to my requests.
Troy Legrand OTR/L
Founder, Grand Therapeutic Services
Integrating SPRY into our practice has been a game changer. We’ve noticed decreased time with documentation, less billing errors, and improved efficiency with cash flow. Our therapists have been able to spend more time with direct patient care, and as an owner I’ve been able to gain valuable insights into how my practice is running.
Sam Shah
Owner, Movement Physical Therapy
Working with Spry has been an excellent experience in ingenuity and customer service. It is a rare experience to be not only heard, but to see action immediately taken on any requests we make! Incredible.
Dionne Butler
Owner, Align Therapy

Experience the difference switching to an adaptable, modern clinic management solution can make.

Experience the difference switching to an adaptable, modern clinic management solution can make.
See how a modern solution with seamless user-experience can help you achieve your goals.
Asynchronous tools and manual admin work
Paper-based verification and slow reimbursements
SOAP notes need to be painfully typed out
Require additional point tools for processes like billing or HEP
Outdated user interface and architecture that takes forever to customize
Consolidated system with automated workflows
Faster payments with lower claim rejections and paperless transactions
Notes filled in with just a couple of clicks
Complete end-to-end integration of all processes at no extra cost
Easy-to-use platform with customizable, smartphone-friendly interface

Make treating patients a priority. Let us worry about the how.

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Will the patient be given an appointment automatically when they schedule a time?
The scheduler gives your front desk complete control over appointments. The patient only requests a time, and you have the option of confirming or modifying the request upon your physical therapists' convenience. All forms and waivers are customized to your clinic, and are sent to the patient for pre-intake, through which eligibility verification is done.
How does SPRY auto-assess and verify insurance eligibility before meeting a patient?
SPRY allows patients to fill in their insurance details either manually or through easy drop-down menus, or by uploading a document. Details from the uploaded document are then captured at the back end for easy eligibility assessment. The automation of the insurance eligibility process allows for better time management, increased accuracy, and reduced claim denials.
Worried about migrating to a whole new platform?

The Spry team offers zero-cost, assisted migration with no downtime. This means all you need to do is sit back and relax.

  • Sign the contract.
  • We’ll customize the product based on your requirements.
  • We’ll migrate all your date for you within 15 days.
  • We’ll provide training for everyone in your clinic.
  • And you’re ready to go live!
What kind of support can I expect after I choose SPRY?
We’re always around. Our customer support team isn’t just quick, they’re well-trained in the product and your industry, so you never have to wait on answers.
Our agile and well-equipped customer support responds to any customization request very quickly. Tweaks to forms or the platform are often made within a day of the request being made at no extra cost.
Our existing EMR and billing system work, and I don’t want to replace them entirely. How can I use Spry to fill the gaps?
SPRY seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to build over them and improve accuracy and efficiency. You can use the Spry modules you need, and keep your current systems in place for the rest!
Can SPRY really improve claim approvals by 99%?
SPRY uses cutting edge AI tech, that is constantly learning, to update our billing rule engine with physical therapy-specific data extracted from clearing houses. With prompt-based submissions and form filling, we stop errors before they’re made. With lower errors in claims submissions and comprehensive denial management systems, SPRY really can improve claim approvals by 99%.
Why does a clinic need integrated billing and EMR?
With SPRY the billing rules are integrated into the EMR. This prompts providers to fill in the correct information, allowing immediate submission of claims to the biller and automatic patient billing once the clinic receives the electronic remittance advice (ERA) from the payor. This improves the cash flow for the clinic.
Home exercise programme
What makes the SPRY Home Exercise Program (HEP) better than the others?
SPRY HEP offers a vast library of clinically validated exercises with over 4500 presets to cover all therapy needs. Personalized goal setting and adherence tracking also increase patient engagement, motivation and hence, satisfaction.
What if I need an exercise that isn’t in the library already?
We’re more than happy to add any exercise that you need to our library.
How does SPRY’s HEP make monitoring patients easier?
SPRY’s world-leading AI-vision technology helps monitor patients’ at-home set-up, and accurately track their forms and exercises in real-time. This allows the physical therapist to make any necessary corrections and take targeted action for improved clinical outcomes.

Why settle for long hours of paperwork and bad UI when Spry exists?

Modernize your systems today for a more efficient clinic, better cash flow and happier staff.
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