Suffering from overwhelming paperwork and endless hours spent chasing payments?

SPRY is an integrated rehab therapy solution designed for you, the front desk heroes who keep your clinics running smoothly.

The Benefits:
Schedule insights:
Get therapist availability, package details, and patient history.
Complete patient info:
View patient details, payments, and insurance in one place.
Faster intake:
Save precious time with online forms and pre-filled data.
Organized & compliant:
Manage insurance cards and case details efficiently.
Easy Pre Auth tracking:
Monitor progress of authorization requests within SPRY.
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Improve Practice Efficiency with SPRY!


Reduction in front desk


Increase in patient


Improvement in
clinic efficiency

With SPRY, this is what
day-to-day looks like:

Start your day with our appointment dashboard for smooth patient flow and fewer scheduling conflicts.
Get detailed schedule insights, including therapist availability, package details, and patient history.
Access patient intake details in one place, saving valuable time and improving care.
Get notified about expiring authorizations, POCs, packages, and insurance status.. 
Offer multiple payment options, including online payments,credit cards, and flexible plans.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Hear what some of our amazing customers are saying!
“Integrating SPRY into our practice has been a game changer. We’ve noticed decreased time with documentation, less billing errors, and improved efficiency with cash flow. Our therapists have been able to spend more time with direct patient care, and as an owner I’ve been able to gain valuable insights into how my practice is running.”

Sam Shah
Movement Physical Therapy
“The SPRY's dedication to meeting my clinic's unique needs, together with their excellent customer service, ultimately won me over and convinced me to purchase their equipment. Their functional mobility assessment site has proven to be an effective online tool for developing a relationship with prospective customers. They have been excellent partners in meeting my EMR demands and are generally attentive to my requests..”

Troy Legrand
“Working with Spry has been an excellent experience in ingenuity and customer service. It is a rare experience to be not only heard, but to see action immediately taken on any requests we make! Incredible.”

Dionne Butler