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Eliminate the Hassle
of Verifying Insurance Eligibility.

Get the Physical Therapy insurance information you need in seconds with SPRY.
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Increase in Front desk efficiency
02 hours
Saved in clearing house calls

Benefits and Features

Let your staff spend more time with patients, not on clearing house calls.

Integration with multiple clearing houses to offer information on physical therapy insurance coverage, eliminating the need to go through mountains of data.
Access to information on insurance limits, covered visits, copays, and deductibles.
With real-time eligibility check, you can remain on top of insurance payments, eliminate extra expenses for patients due to needless rejections, and save hours of front desk staff work.
Obtain PT-specific Deductibles, Co-Pays, and Other Important Information at appointment booking.
To confirm insurance eligibility beforehand, Spry works with both on- and off-exchange insurance providers, Medicare, and worker compensation.
Ensure accuracy with insurance information integrated into the billing system.
The insurance information is immediately integrated with our billing system, making the billing procedure simple and hassle-free.
Save time and effort on manual data input or information transmission to a third-party billing company.
Is checking insurance eligibility becoming a back-breaking process?
Manual insurance verification entails hours of phone calls to clearing houses, going through massive amounts of data, and increased billing errors.
Does this sound like you?
You receive a massive amount of data, and it takes hours to sift out PT-specific insurance information.
With our insurance eligibility check, you will only obtain PT-specific insurance information like copay, deductibles, limitations, and other important details.
We spend hours manually calling clearing houses to verify insurance.
With just one tap, you can now instantly verify  insurance eligibility, saving you hours of phone calls to the clearing house.
When entering insurance information into our billing system, we are encountering errors.
The insurance information is integrated with our billing system to avoid data duplication and typing mistakes.

Check your eligibility with a single tap. Increase claim approvals and income.

Avoid rejections and extra costs for patients by staying up to date with insurance payments, and make the most of front desk staff time with a seamless and real-time eligibility verification.
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