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Here Is The Right Prescription For
Your Scheduling Woes

Improve patient engagement and retention with SPRY's convenient and user-friendly appointment scheduling system.
Physical Therapy Appointment Scheduler
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Increase in Front desk efficiency
2 hours
Saved in clearing house calls

Benefits and Features

Get more done with less hassle using our powerful scheduling system.

With a color-coded system, you can easily identify different therapists, insurance systems and appointment types.
There is no need to duplicate data. Enter it once and access it throughout the system.
Use the block feature to indicate particular times on their calendar as unavailable, like vacations, lunch breaks, or other absences.
Organize Your Appointments with Our Easy Drag and Drop Feature.
There is no need to duplicate data. Enter it once and access it throughout the system.
With automated email reminders, your patients won't miss any more appointments and can keep on top of your schedule.
Streamline your appointments with user-defined filters, including appointment status, payment method, and appointment type.
Triple your productivity with our state-of-the-art interface.
Keep Tabs on your Patients with Ease: Our Integrated Tools for Streamlined Workflow.
For effective care, keep track of patient journeys using the timeline view.
Automation of the insurance eligibility process improves time management, increases accuracy, and reduces claim denials.
No more incomplete patient information with our 'Generate Token' feature, which simplifies patient intake.
Go Digital, Get Efficient with Integrated Intake Forms and PROM Assessments with the scheduler.
Do You Want To Spend Less Time On Scheduling And More Time With Patients?
Using an obsolete appointment scheduler can consume a lot of time as it involves manual steps for scheduling, insurance validation, and patient intake. This can result in missed appointments and reduced income.
Does this sound like you?
It takes too long from our administrative duties to follow up with and remind our patients about their appointment.
Your patients can stay on top of their appointments with the help of automated email reminders, reducing the chances of them missing any.
It is tough to keep track of each therapist's schedule and determine which sort of visit we have scheduled.
Streamline scheduling by using a color-coded system that allows you to identify different therapists, insurance systems, and appointment types.
Even after appointment confirmation, the patient intake process is excessively time consuming and laborious to handle.
Digital intake forms and PROM assessments incorporation reduces administrative time and improves efficiency.

An Outdated Scheduler Is Like A Ball And Chain.
Free Yourself With Our Modern Solution.

Effortlessly manage schedules for patients and therapists with our all-in-one scheduling system. With SPRY, you'll never have to worry about no-shows again!