Meet SPRY Ally

Your Fully Integrated, AI-powered Personal Assistant Designed Specially for Rehab Therapy

SPRY Ally™  future-proofs your practice with the power of generative AI, all within your current workflows. Create compliant SOAP notes in as little as two minutes, and automate routine tasks, like verifying insurance and securing authorizations, with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and security.

SPRY Scribe

Rehab therapy’s first integrated speech-to-SOAPSM tool, SPRY ScribeTM securely transcribes conversational language into text, and then accurately and automatically maps it to the correct sections of the SOAP note. The best part? You’ll complete a routine note in as little as two minutes-and your note remains editable until you finalize it.
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SPRY Scribe In Action

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SPRY Capture Keyless Data Entry

SPRY Capture reduces manual data entry, so your front office can save time, improve the patient experience, and eliminate errors. End claim denials due to inaccurate or incomplete coverage details, as information flows directly from insurance card to patient profile.
Ensure error-free data entry directly into the patient record
Shorten patient wait times during check-in
Reduce rejections and speed up reimbursement 

SPRY Verify One-Click Eligibility

With one click, SPRY Verify ends the days of waiting on hold to confirm insurance eligibility. It provides near-instant verification and returns only the patient’s therapy-related copays, deductibles, and limitations, making coverage details easy to quickly find.
End lengthy wait times when calling clearinghouses for verification
Reduce the risk of rejected claims with data fed directly to billing
Eliminate surprise costs of ineligible expenses for patients
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Dashboard mockup

SPRY Authorize Automated Approval

Banish busywork and uncertainty about reimbursement with SPRY Authorize. It’s a tool for automatically securing advance authorization for each plan of care. Authorize gives providers and patients alike a clear understanding of coverage—before the treatment plan begins.
Eliminate manual form-filling for authorization requests
Relieve patient anxiety over financial responsibility and payments
Simplify your front-office workflow with error-free data inputs

SPRY Ally Makes You More Efficient Across the Entire Practice,
from Front Office to Care Delivery to Billing Operations

2 mins

To complete the  
typical SOAP note


Reduction in time spent
to secure authorization


Reimbursement claims
approval rate


Up-to-date AI tech
built entirely in-house

Let’s see what our customers are saying about us.

The amount of customization was really helpful and was different from all the other EMRs we looked at. They are also on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to health records and are always looking at innovating and improving. The process of changing over from our old EMR was also very easy and they helped us through that whole process. SPRY is saving us time in our documentation and improving the workflow of our normal processes.
David Butler PT, DPT, OCS
Owner, Align Therapy
SPRY is easy to use, completely customizable, easy to navigate from phone or laptop, and has the latest features such as eFax, HEP and outcomes measure creation, and automated patient management strategies! Additionally, their credentialing and billing team have saved me time, money, and stress as I've grown from a solo practice to hiring my first practitioner in the span of six months.
Dr. Bobby Moore PT, DPT, CSCS
Physical Therapist & Strength And Conditioning
Coach, USA Volleyball
SPRY’s billing services are exceptional, offering transparency and efficiency. Overall, this company is a top choice for those looking for reliable software, outstanding customer service, and seamless billing processes. Since having SPRY, I've been able to focus my energy on building my practice while providing care and letting SPRY take care of all my billing needs."
Marcus Perez
Owner and Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic,
Primetime Chiropractic
The SPRY's dedication to meeting my clinic's unique needs, together with their excellent customer service, ultimately won me over and convinced me to purchase their equipment. Their functional mobility assessment site has proven to be an effective online tool for developing a relationship with prospective customers. They have been excellent partners in meeting my EMR demands and are generally attentive to my requests.
Troy Legrand OTR/L
Founder, Grand Therapeutic Services
My overall experience has been very positive. The customer support from SPRY has been amazing and the platform reflects my requests for personalization. I have never experienced an on boarding group willing to make adjustments, fix issues and take our requests under advisement. Not only does the SPRY group do this, they do it in real time and do not stop after the initial implementation. Additionally, the billing side of the EMR is easy to access and understand from my front desk.
Bryan Davis
CO Owner, Excel therapy
Integrating SPRY into our practice has been a game changer. We’ve noticed decreased time with documentation, less billing errors, and improved efficiency with cash flow. Our therapists have been able to spend more time with direct patient care, and as an owner I’ve been able to gain valuable insights into how my practice is running.
Sam Shah
Owner, Movement Physical Therapy
Working with Spry has been an excellent experience in ingenuity and customer service. It is a rare experience to be not only heard, but to see action immediately taken on any requests we make! Incredible. 
Dionne Butler
Owner, Align Therapy