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SPRY RTM is your all-in-one solution for physical therapy. We make it easier, more effective, and more accessible. From predicting health risks to tracking your recovery, we've got you covered—anytime, anywhere
RTM - SPRY Assessment Tool
•   18+ dedicated cohorts for targeted care.
•   AI-powered precision in assessments.
•   Clinically approved and interoperable.
•   Real-time feedback and 24/7 accessibility.
•   Customizable assessments with an interactive interface.
•   In-house studio for continuous content production.
•   Your first step on a personalized care journey.
 HEP-Exercise Library
Excellence in Exercise with SPRY’s Vast Library
•   4000+ clinically validated exercises across specialties.
•   Tailored designs to align with clinic requirements.  
•   Managed by our in-house exercise studio.  
•   Informed by the initial SPRY-Assessment.
Give our Sample Assessment a spin and see how you do!
Get a sneak peek into how our platform can revolutionize your physical therapy experience with real-time monitoring and data-driven decision-making.
Back Pain Assessment
This specialized assessment aims to diagnose the source of back pain, offering actionable recommendations for pain management and recovery.
Neck Pain Assessment
A targeted evaluation designed to identify the root causes of neck discomfort, aiding in the development of personalized treatment plans.
Shoulder Pain Assessment
A comprehensive assessment that pinpoints the underlying factors of shoulder pain, providing insights for effective intervention.
We've crafted an extensive exercise library tailored to your lifestyle preferences and specific body goals.
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How we do it
Continuum of Care with SRPY RTM
Experience a smooth, ongoing cycle of care that effortlessly combines initial assessments with personalized home exercises, all guided by real-time data.
Value Propositions by Industry
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation - Pre & Post-Acute Care:
Leverage real-time analytics to personalize treatment plans, monitor patient progress, and optimize both pre and post-acute care outcomes.
Early Onsite Intervention:
Utilize our AI-driven assessments to identify and address musculoskeletal issues at the earliest stage, reducing the need for more intensive treatments down the line.
Minimize claim costs and expedite processing through transparent, data-backed reporting. Implement proactive health measures to reduce long-term payouts
Health-Tech Co:
Seamlessly integrate SPRY RTM into your existing tech stack to offer a more comprehensive suite of health solutions, while simplifying operational workflows.
Showcasing Success
Our Pilot Program with a Global Leader in Physical Therapy
The Partnership
SPRY has formed a strategic partnership with a leading global physical therapy company, with the aim of expanding accessibility and improving patient outcomes through data-driven insights.
Partner Overview

•   Employee Reach: Supporting 300,000 employees

•   Services: Comprehensive outpatient and on-site employer services focused on injury prevention and treatment.
About the Pilot Program
We conducted a 6-month pilot program in real-world factory settings, actively involving workers in the assessment process.
Key Outcomes

•   Data-Driven Decision Making
•   Reduced Travel and Time Constraints
•   Enhanced Employee Well-Being
Over 150 users were integrated into intervention plans, leading to a reduction in surgical instances and associated costs.
Clinically Validated
Meeting Gold Standards in Validation
Validation by Experts
Our assessment tool has undergone rigorous validation by licensed physical therapists, confirming its alignment with industry gold standards.
The Study

A leading global hospital chain conducted a comprehensive study involving over 100 patients, leveraging SPRY's cutting-edge RTM technology.

Key Findings

•   Remarkable Clinical Credibility and Accurate Measurement

•   Effective Treatment Plans