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How SPRY Makes Onboarding New PT Clinics Easy and Painless

Does the thought of changing your clinic management software fill you with dread? You know that the system you're currently using isn't the best for your business, but the prospect of upheaval and staff training is such a daunting task that you'd rather ignore it and focus on other issues today. We understand the challenges of running a clinic, but in order for your clinic to advance, you must make decisions that prioritize the best interests of you, your patients, and your team.

Implementing a new practice management platform can be likened to embarking on an unfamiliar voyage for physical therapy (P.T.) clinics. The winds of change can be strong, and the challenges of data migration training can create rough waters. However, there's no need to worry! SPRY, the leading expert in physical therapy healthcare technology solutions, is the experienced captain ready to steer clinics through onboarding. With SPRY's personalized approach, and done for migration our clinics can expect a seamless and hassle-free journey.

Let’s take you through it step by step - just like we do when you decide to upgrade your own systems. 

Step 1: Signing the Scope of Work Agreement and Initiating Onboarding

The first step in SPRY's onboarding procedure is signing the Scope of Work agreement. This agreement acts as a written understanding between SPRY and the physical therapy clinic, describing both parties' roles and expectations during onboarding. The deal helps build a firm basis for a successful partnership by specifying the scope of work and enables secure data exchange with comfort for the PT clinics. The onboarding process begins once the agreement is signed. The SPRY staff collaborates closely with the P.T. clinic to enable a seamless and effective transfer to the SPRY platform. This collaborative approach lays the groundwork for a customized onboarding experience suited to the clinic's unique requirements.

Step 2: Data Migration and Setup

Data migration is a vital component of moving to a new platform. SPRY recognizes the need to transition patient information from the P.T. clinic's present E.M.R. system to the SPRY platform as smoothly as possible. When the onboarding process begins, SPRY collaborates closely with the P.T. clinic to gain access to its current E.M.R. system. This process guarantees that all critical patient data, such as medical history, treatment plans, and billing information, is correctly moved to SPRY. SPRY relieves the P.T. clinic of the burden of manual data input by managing the data transfer procedure, saving time and effort. SPRY reduces disturbance to the P.T. clinic's operations by collecting the data migration and setup procedure. P.T.s may continue patient treatment without worrying about data transfer and system setup. SPRY distinguishes itself by paying close attention to detail and offering complete help throughout data migration and configuration.

Step 3: Guided Setup and Training

SPRY realizes the need for thorough training for P.T.s to feel confident and adept with the platform. SPRY facilitates this by offering tailored onboarding assistance and leading PTs through the setup procedure. This involves in-depth talks about product requirements, project planning, and organizing a Kick Off Call to align expectations and set a go-live date. SPRY provides comprehensive training tools like a sandbox environment and instructional videos. P.T.s can investigate the platform, practice using its capabilities, and become acquainted with the process. This hands-on experience allows customers to better grasp the potential of SPRY and enables a smooth transfer from their prior system.

Step 4: Enrollment for Claims and Seamless Porting

SPRY aids physical therapy clinics in registering for claims and expediting billing and reimbursement procedures as part of the onboarding process. SPRY helps you through the paperwork, documentation, and regulations related to the clinic's location and insurance carriers. 

This information assists P.T.s in overcoming any obstacles and smoothly transitioning from their prior billing system to SPRY. SPRY enables P.T. clinics to begin submitting claims quickly and effectively after onboarding by assisting them in enrolling for claims. This provides revenue cycle consistency and eliminates delays or pauses in compensation for clinic services. 

Furthermore, SPRY enables the seamless transfer of virtual communication channels, such as the clinic's eFax number, from the clinic's prior system to SPRY. This guarantees that the clinic may continue communicating and receiving critical papers and messages during the changeover. The SPRY team handles the eFax porting procedure, relieving the P.T. clinic's administrative load and assuring the seamless continuation of operations. SPRY decreases the complexity and organizational effort of switching to a new platform by taking a complete approach to claims enrolment and communication channel transfer. This allows physical therapy clinics to focus on patient care and income development rather than the complexities of claims management and communication channels.

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Step 5: Thorough Quality Assurance Testing

SPRY does extensive Quality Assurance (Q.A.) testing before the projected go-live date to guarantee that the system is running correctly and fulfills the unique demands of the P.T. clinic. This stage is critical for discovering and correcting flaws or bugs, ensuring a seamless experience for physical therapists and their patients. SPRY's quality assurance team thoroughly verifies all platform components, including functionality, performance, and user experience. They mimic daily scenarios and workflows that PTs will likely experience to guarantee that the platform satisfies their needs. By undergoing rigorous testing, SPRY seeks to deliver a robust and trustworthy platform that meets P.T.s' high-quality and performance expectations. Furthermore, SPRY's dedication to continual development is apparent in its proactive approach to quality assurance. They actively seek input from physical therapy clinics and utilize it to improve the platform's features and functions. This iterative approach guarantees that SPRY adapts to suit the changing demands of physical therapists, offering a solution that enhances their efficiency and productivity. SPRY is dedicated to providing P.T. clinics with a high-quality and dependable platform by prioritizing extensive Q.A. testing. This attention to detail and focus on problem resolution means that the onboarding experience is as smooth as possible, with a platform ready for P.T.s to utilize confidently from the time they go live.

Step 6: Enrollment for Electronic Remittance Advice (E.R.A.)

SPRY allows P.T. clinics to enroll in Electronic Remittance Advice (E.R.A.) when the onboarding process nears completion. This feature streamlines the billing and reimbursement process by providing a practical and automated approach for acquiring insurance payment data. Enrolling in E.R.A. allows physical therapy facilities to collect insurance payment information electronically, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and lowering administrative hassles. SPRY assists P.T.s in optimizing their workflow, saving time, and improving overall revenue cycle management by automating this process. SPRY's onboarding specialists work with physical therapy clinics to help them understand the rules and procedures for enrolling in E.R.A. 

Throughout the registration process, SPRY provides guidance and helps to ensure a smooth transition to electronic payment information. SPRY demonstrates its commitment to delivering P.T. clinics with the tools and technology needed to optimize their operations by including E.R.A. enrollment in the onboarding process. Incorporating E.R.A. SPRY's platform improves the efficiency and efficacy of the billing process, allowing PTs to focus on patient care rather than administrative responsibilities.

Step 7: Final Data Migration and Go-Live

SPRY performs the final data migration shortly before the projected go-live date, ensuring that the most recent patient data is correctly moved to the new platform. This phase ensures care continuity and removes the need for double data entry. SPRY provides a smooth transfer to the SPRY platform by porting patient information, including medical records, treatment plans, and payment details. SPRY moves to the go-live stage when the final data migration is completed, allowing P.T. clinics to use the platform for everyday operations. This guarantees that the clinic's workflow is not disrupted and that P.T.s may continue to provide care to their patients without interruption.

Step 8: Empowering Your Clinic's Growth with Tailored Support and Unwavering Commitment

We provide ongoing support and customization to assist your clinic in its growth. We don't just end our services once you go live. We actively listen to your needs and strive to become a valuable partner in your business. Our absolute mission is to enhance the effectiveness, productivity, and profitability of your clinic. We are dedicated to making you more successful and simplifying the lives of everyone in your clinic. Unlike many other clinic management solutions that fail to listen to their clients, our goal as a part of the SPRY family is to achieve the exact opposite for your clinic.


SPRY understands that the onboarding process for P.T. clinics can be complex and time-consuming. By offering personalized onboarding support, guiding P.T.s through setup, facilitating data migration, providing comprehensive training resources, and addressing any questions or concerns, SPRY ensures a painless transition to their platform. With SPRY's systematic approach, P.T. clinics can confidently embrace a new software solution, streamline their operations, and focus on delivering exceptional patient care. 

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