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What is Spry and how does it help PTs operate more efficiently and reduce admin time?

This medical speciality is growing increasingly relevant to the healthcare industry in the United States. PT Practice owners are witnessing technological advancements that have the potential to alter the level of patient treatment permanently. These advancements in physical therapy make musculoskeletal treatment more accessible, easier to deliver and produce more significant outcomes than some of the industry's outmoded norms. There are several prospects for innovations and shifting trends in physical therapy, ranging from in-home care services to sports medicine and eldercare teams.

Physical Therapist

According to WHO, around 1.71 billion individuals worldwide have musculoskeletal problems. Low back pain is the single most significant cause of disability in 160 countries, resulting in decreased mobility and agility, early retirement from employment, and diminished capacity to engage in society. Healthcare and information technology specialists agree that software will play an essential role in treating patients with musculoskeletal difficulties, making patient treatment more accessible and easier to deliver and yielding better outcomes.

At the start of many technical advances, there are always obstacles that make the process even more challenging to comprehend. The following issues arose in the digital healthcare system during its transformation period:

Patient management system flaws,

  • User interface and experience are archaic,
  • Lack of customization,
  • Complex processes and a plethora of third-party tools,
  • Increased reliance on manual procedures, resulting in staff burnout,
  • Unsynchronized EMR and billing, 
  • Ineffective marketing, and many others.

Many firms have evolved different methods and approaches to keep ahead of the curve on this route of innovations, problem-solving, and establishing superior systems and patient care. However, one company has jumped ahead of the pack and is building the framework for the future.

Let us introduce SPRY to you, ladies and gentlemen.

Who are we?

SPRY is a comprehensive and adaptable platform designed by and for physical therapists that enables seamless synchronization between their front office, treatment, finance, and business teams by providing tools for everything from patient acquisition to at-home exercises. The major aim is to help PTs serve their patients better, increase profits, reduce reimbursement delays, reduce employee fatigue, and propel the practice into the future while putting data security and quality at the centre of operations.

Sounds like a dream come true, but is it really a dream? Allow us to pinch you and inform you that it's true. The following query that pops into your head is, "How?" Let's go through the features SPRY offers and how it helps PTs, their clinics, and their patients in a quick overview.

  • Patient Scheduling and Digital Intake
  • Insurance Eligibility Check 
  • Billing System 
  • SOAP Notes 
  • RTM System

We could go on and on explaining how our features function and what type of procedure we've implemented, but how about we take you on an SPRY-tactic journey from the perspective of patients and physical therapists?

Let's begin shall we?

Patient Scheduling and Digital Intake

Consider a patient who arrives at the clinic with the necessary medical and insurance documentation. They notice a big line in front of them of others doing the same thing and waiting to schedule appointments with their physical therapists. What happens when the PTs are unavailable, or when the patient intake workflow takes too long? Now consider the situation from the perspective of the front office. The never-ending line of patients, a manual appointment system, an intake procedure that feels like a marathon race, and protracted phone calls to the clearing house. Consider how much front-end personnel must endure. Employee burnout must soar to new heights.

Let's have a look at how SPRY may alter the overall scenario.

Here is how we do it - 

  • SPRY offers physical therapists a complete appointment scheduling system and automated reminders, allowing them to stay on top of all scheduled appointments while saving time on phone calls and email trails. 
  • The scheduling solution decreases front-office strain and frees time for administrators and doctors by utilizing over 6000+ digital processes, drop-down standardized replies, and AI-based prompts. 
  • Patients may now make appointments online, check follow-up schedules, fill out the information, upload medical history, and verify insurance eligibility from the comfort of their own homes. 
  • Because the system is linked to a multi-insurance support system, patients do not need to provide their information constantly.

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Insurance Eligibility Check

Verifying patient insurance eligibility is the first and most important stage in the billing process. That means your front office must be proactive in obtaining and correctly recording all eligibility information. Each patient's insurance eligibility, including coinsurance or copay, deductible, where to send the claim, benefits cap, if the payer wants extra paperwork or any special forms, and whether the payer requires permission, is determined by the staff. Some payers will authorize services retrospectively, while others will require authorization before you begin delivering services. Consider front-desk staff navigating the full verification procedure.

To address this problem and speed up the process of determining insurance eligibility, SPRY developed a "One Tap" approach. 

Let us show you how -

  • The verification mechanism aids PT. in confirming insurance coverage for all plans, including Medicare, and general insurance.
  • Additionally, it allows PT.s to collect your patient's co-pay or financial liability in advance and lowers the possibility of a collectable write-off for the patient. PT.s can now use their time saved from making manual calls to the clearing house for other administrative responsibilities.
  • It leads to a boost in overall productivity and financial success for practices

SOAP Notes

Patients eventually see their doctor for their appointment when their front office routine is completed. Doctors must chronicle every patient's treatment journey in their SOAP notes. It requires practice to accurately document each patient appointment while maintaining compliance with payment standards. However, providers risk invoicing mistakes, delays, and denials without detailed notes. As a result, business margins are compromised, and the high demand and lack of time can lead to provider burnout as they battle to fullfil insurance company paperwork requirements. 

Fortunately, SPRY also has a remedy for it.

This is how its done-

  • SPRY SOAP documentation assists clinicians in keeping track of ongoing patient interactions in an organized manner, promoting excellent communication among various team members. 
  • It allows healthcare practitioners to make better decisions for patients early, saving time and assisting patients in recovering faster. 
  • Using SPRY's notation and labelling method, therapists can precisely pinpoint the causes of injuries. 
  • SPRY's flexibility provides PT.s access to pre-loaded processes that may be changed to fit clinical criteria and store templates for faster documentation. 

Billing System

The doctors have now finished the appointment and documented everything. It's finally time to get compensated. Billing patients and insurance companies may be a time-consuming and aggravating procedure. Every PT clinic must send out invoices, and there are times when human error can result in claim denials and payment delays. The trick is to discover a method that is as near to ideal as feasible. 

Take a seat, doctor, since SPRY may remove problems from your billing system.

Here is how its done -

  • With SPRY's billing system, practitioners may quickly complete their billing processes while keeping track of rejection reasons, automatically creating charge entries, multi-choice claim submissions, simplifying payment breakdowns, and many other features.
  • Not only that, but a single dashboard allows for comprehensive monitoring of every billing area. 
  • By keeping the system updated on changing reimbursement criteria, providing a billing rule engine suited to each payer, and obtaining effective denial management without the need for in-house billers and coders, SPRY's billing system makes PT.s' jobs even more accessible. 

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

When a patient leaves the clinic, the treatment does not finish. Remote therapeutic monitoring has recently gained popularity in the physical therapy industry, and for a good reason. It allows patients to self-report data on how and when they seek treatment, what therapies they are pursuing, how they feel, and more, allowing physicians to give better care and oversight to patients than ever before. This boosts the clinic's profitability and development and increases patients' flexibility and treatment options. So, whether you are a patient, R.T.M. takes your therapy to the next level, and if you are a PT., RTM allows you to track your patient's progress, help them heal quicker, and earn more money.

So, what's the deal with SPRY's RTM system? 

Let us explain why.

  • SPRY provides a versatile solution that enables PT.s to give remote evaluations utilizing our cutting-edge A.I. vision technology.
  • Patients can get at-home e-monitored exercise sessions as part of their treatment in addition to receiving remote guidance and instruction on the 4500+ ever-expanding tailored exercises. 
  • With modern, extremely precise examinations in range of motion, endurance, and strength, physical therapists (PT's) can measure their patients' discomfort and mobility. 
  • These at-home sessions are more productive and thoroughly documented in a shareable evaluation report. 
  • This provides the path for more precise patient data collection, more patient participation and adherence, improved communication with immobile patients, and automated treatment regimens tailored to specific patient needs.


The fact that you have read this far into the article indicates that you have already discovered SPRY's genius. As you are aware, medical technology is moving outside the confines of hospitals and clinics. It's crucial to have an ever-evolving system that puts the needs of physical therapists and their patients first and offers an ideal, convenient solution. The goal of SPRY is to constantly advance and develop into a comprehensive PT ecosystem. It's time for you to join in the upcoming revolution.

Why settle for long hours of paperwork and bad UI when Spry exists?

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