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The Mobility Marvel That'll Supercharge Your Patient's Recovery!

SPRY Assessment Portal brings a fresh and innovative approach to evaluating your patients' physical capabilities.
Patients achieve their Movement Health Goals.
Increase in PTs Revenue.

Benefits and Features

Precision at Its Finest: Meticulously Designed Self-Assessments for Optimal Results!

The system comprises meticulously designed and skillfully executed self-assessments that are precise and supported by clinical evidence.
Our extensive library of over 4500 clinically-validated exercises will help your patients improve their adherence, efficacy, and alleviate any pesky pain.
With our precision assessments, you can measure your patient's range of motion and endurance with exceptional accuracy.
The Cohorts are designed to give your patients the individualized attention they need to identify and manage stressors, while improving their mobility and reducing pain.
Maintain accurate exercise form by using real-time corrective feedback during your workout.
From A to B and beyond: Our movement analysis reports measure every move your patients make.
Upon completion of the assessment, the report provides feedback data that is formulated, evaluated, and delivered to the user with the goal of promoting or altering habits to attain desired health targets.
These measurements are specific and accurate, focusing on quantifying the user's symptoms and challenges.
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Consider SPRY Assessment Portal
Traditional physical therapy methods can leave both the therapist and patient unaware of progress, adherence, and potential complications beyond their appointments. This lack of information makes personalized care and treatment adjustments difficult for therapists. Patients may also be less motivated to follow their prescribed exercises, leading to slower progress and hindering therapy success.
Does this sound like you?
Having a comprehensive understanding of our patients' progress throughout their therapy journey is a challenging task.
The precise report generated by our AI/Computer vision is based on accurate data and focuses on quantifying the user's symptoms and challenges, providing specific and exact measurements.
Providing feedback for our patients' exercises performed at home is a challenging task.
With our platform, you can achieve precise exercise form by receiving real-time feedback during your workout.

Improve patient movement health and revenue in your practice with our advanced assessment system.

Get a glimpse of the future of patient care and revenue growth with our revolutionary AI tool that harnesses the power of cutting-edge vision technology
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