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RTM - SPRY's Assesment Tool

Get ready to witness the future of physical therapy, where the boundaries cease to exist! Thanks to our AI-powered RTM, we're reshaping the game. It's not just about better patient outcomes; it's a breakthrough for your clinical reach and income. Every moment is vital, every session is unique, and every patient's journey is extraordinary. Embrace our AI and watch your income soar!

SPRY Quick Capture

You book an appointment, scan the insurance card, and voila! Our game-changing AI swoops in, ensuring error-free data capture with unmatched precision. No more worrying about human errors or tedious data entry. But that's not all! With SPRY, you're not just saving time; you're liberating yourself from the nightmare of claim denials. Thanks to our cutting-edge automation, real-time verification with insurers happens in the blink of an eye.


The pre-authorization process used to mean tedious form-filling on the insurance company’s website, waiting for approval, and then crossing your fingers that the billing won’t be a hassle. But with SPRY AI, that’s all in the past! Our innovative technology automates the process, so you don’t have to. PTs can now focus on patients, not paperwork. Reduce time, minimize reimbursement failures, and let SPRY handle the rest!

Eligibility Check

Now you can effortlessly verify your patient’s eligibility with a single tap. Thanks to our quick capture feature, the information gets auto populated into our system, and our AI handle the eligibility verification process swiftly. This means less hassle, fewer rejections, and no more surprise costs for your patients. Plus, you’ll supercharge your front desk efficiency by 45%.

SOAP Notes Summary

We've restructured physical therapy record management, making it effortless for therapists. Our AI condenses detailed documentation into concise SOAP summaries, saving precious time and boosting efficiency. With SPRY, therapists can finally break free from tedious paperwork and administrative hassles. This means they can channel all their energy into providing exceptional patient care and pioneering research.

How will this help your clinic?

Automation and precision lead to cost savings across various functionalities, allowing PTs to allocate resources more efficiently.
The reliability and accuracy of SPRY technologies offer PT providers peace of mind, knowing that they can trust our Ai solution to deliver consistent, error-free results.
By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, SPRY boosts the efficiency of PT professionals, enabling them to see more patients and dedicate more time to treatment and research.

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