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The Physical Therapy Blogs You Must Explore

For physical therapists, the pursuit of expertise is not a mere choice; it's an unwavering commitment to better the lives of their patients. Fortunately, the internet is teeming with valuable resources in the form of physical therapy blogs.

physical therapy blogs

In this dynamic field, where science and compassion intersect, staying informed and continually refining one's skills is a non-negotiable aspect of providing exceptional care. So, we have curated six blog sites for PTs to explore and increase their knowledge.

These online resources offer a wealth of content that can enhance your clinical skills, provide career guidance, and keep you up-to-date with industry trends. Let's dive into the world of physical therapy blogs and discover the wisdom they hold.

Physiopedia Blog

Physiopedia is a well-known online resource for physiotherapy professionals. Their blog section features a variety of articles on topics such as clinical research, evidence-based practice, and patient management. Physiopedia is committed to open access, making valuable information accessible to a global audience of healthcare professionals.

The Manual Therapist Blog

Dr. Erson Religioso III, a highly respected physical therapist and educator, runs The Manual Therapist Blog. His blog focuses on manual therapy techniques and provides valuable insights into hands-on approaches to physical therapy. Dr. Religioso's expertise and passion for his field shine through in his informative posts.

Mike Reinold's Blog

Mike Reinold is a renowned physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist with extensive experience in sports rehabilitation. His blog covers various topics, including sports injuries, exercise prescriptions, and career advice for physical therapists. It's an excellent resource for therapists interested in the intersection of sports and physical therapy.

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PT ThinkTank Blog

The PTThinkTank blog is known for its thought-provoking articles on the state of the physical therapy profession. It addresses current issues and challenges physical therapists face and encourages critical thinking within the field. If you're interested in the broader context of physical therapy, this blog is a must-read.

Evidence in Motion Blog

Evidence in Motion (EIM) is a renowned provider of post-professional education programs for physical therapists. Their blog focuses on evidence-based practice, research updates, and discussions about the evolving role of physical therapy in healthcare. It's an excellent resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of evidence-based care.

The Healthcare Guys

While not exclusively focused on physical therapy, The Healthcare Guys blog covers various aspects of healthcare, including emerging technologies, healthcare policy, and clinical advancements. It provides a broader perspective on the healthcare landscape and can help physical therapists understand how their field intersects with others.

Bonus - SPRY Blog 

Our Blog caters exclusively to the needs of physical therapists and clinic owners. With a specialized focus on this niche, SPRY blog offers a wealth of valuable insights, tips, and industry updates tailored to enhance clinical practice and business management. From optimizing patient care strategies to tackling the unique challenges of PT clinic ownership, it is an indispensable resource for professionals in the field. 

Staying informed and continuously learning are essential aspects of a successful career in physical therapy. The blogs mentioned above offer various perspectives and insights into the field. Whether you're a practicing therapist, a student, or simply interested in physical therapy, these blogs provide a wealth of knowledge that can help you stay current, improve your practice, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of this vital healthcare profession. Take the time to explore these blogs, engage with their content, and enhance your journey as a physical therapy enthusiast or professional.

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