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10 Innovative Ways SPRY Enhances Clinic Profitability and Productivity

You began your career as a physical therapist to help people, and your impact inspired you to start your own clinic. However, as your workload increased, you felt overwhelmed with administrative tasks and realized you lacked expertise in business management. Despite being entrepreneurial, you recognized the need to learn more about running a business while still being a physical therapist. So, you began learning more about business by listening to different podcasts, reading, and engaging in personal development in areas such as business, marketing, and leadership. However, you're busy being the head physical therapist, head of HR, head of marketing, head of recruitment, head of sales, CEO, and operations manager. You simply don't have time to focus on growing the business.

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Along the way, you decided to implement more systems into your clinic to help you and your employees. You introduced an EMR and billing system, which you thought would help, and it did for a short time. However, the more you learn about business, the more frustrating your systems feel. You want to have the best clinic in your area and hire the best staff, giving them the tools to perform well in their roles. Over the years, you've added other software solutions to help solve the different problems along the way.

Sadly, many business owners lack a clear understanding of their clinic's performance, staff performance, and financial losses due to inefficient EMR and billing systems. These systems are disjointed, lack communication, and fail to deliver the necessary output. Consequently, either you or one of your team members spends countless hours each week extracting data into spreadsheets or reports for business analysis. Your front desk spends significant time chasing billing companies for unpaid invoices or rejected claims. Verification and patient eligibility checks can take hours or even days. The entire process is tiresome, leaving you feeling overworked, undervalued, and stressed - a far cry from what you envisioned when you started your clinic.

If you are tired of your EMR and billing system draining your clinic's revenue and sapping your energy, we have a solution, and its name is SPRY.

SPRY is the all-in-one PT solution that can help your clinic grow more profitably, save you and your employees time, make them more productive and happier, and provide you with the insights needed to make better business decisions and improve your cash flow. SPRY will also reduce your overall expenses as you won't need all the other systems and tools that don't communicate with each other, making your clinic inefficient. Plus, unlike any other EMR, SPRY integrates with Keap, eliminating the duplication of records and making it more efficient.

Now you may be wondering how SPRY works and how it can actually help your clinic.

Here are 10 ways in which SPRY will help your clinic grow more profitably and become more productive:

1 Maximizing Clinical Efficiency

Many clinicians complain about the burden of typing up evaluations, plans of care, SOAP notes, progress notes, and dealing with duplicate workloads at every turn. The additional administrative work often leads to PT burnout and staff feeling overworked and undervalued. Your EMR should be user-friendly, yet still able to record all the relevant clinical information. It should evolve and be customized for each type of patient. For example, the workflow for women's health patients may differ from that of patients with routine osteoarthritic knee pain. Record-keeping should take less than 5 minutes for each evaluation and 2 minutes for each SOAP note, without compromising on details. Our system has reduced record-keeping time by 40-50%.

2 Insurance Eligibility

Your front desk can quickly obtain insurance eligibility results in seconds by entering necessary information and accessing relevant details with the touch of a button.

3 SOAP Note Dashboard

No more failed or lost claims submissions due to incomplete notes or missing information. Our intuitive system has a 99% success rate in submitting claims.

4 Crystal Clear Analytics

With the dashboard, KPIs, and customizable real-time data readily accessible at your fingertips, understanding your numbers is crucial for informed business decisions and effective team coaching.

5 Billing Dashboard

Probably the most important from your business's health perspective. Cash flow is the lifeblood of your clinic, and this dashboard shows you exactly how effective you are at collecting the money you are owed. It provides next-level analytics that help you better understand your cash flow. It will show you your A.R. in days for each insurance provider, explain your C.P.T. codes, what has been billed, and what hasn't. It will also display anything that has been rejected and the reasons behind it, so you can fix it and become even more efficient.

Reduce costs and improve your reimbursement rate with a modern, all-in-one clinic management software.

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6 Admin Dashboard

Since our front desks all use the same E.M.R. but have different roles in the clinic, they should have separate dashboards and login screens to make their jobs easier. This will also simplify onboarding for new front desk staff, as it will guide them through the daily tasks for each patient and each new lead or inquiry, ensuring that no patients are missed and no follow-ups are dropped. 

7 Giving You Better Cash Flow

Our billing systems are constantly updated, so you don't have to keep up with the changes. You don't need to train your staff on all the different rules because our system won't allow you to break the existing rules. We consistently monitor and update our system, so you can rest assured. This leads to fewer rejections, and we also learn which codes can be used and are the most efficient for each provider. We are committed to helping you be more profitable and grow your clinic. Plus, our billing rate is only 4%, which offers 33-50% better value than most other billing providers.

8 Save Your Time

With all these different built-in features, you can save money on other software such as IntakeQ or other billing providers, and save hundreds of hours in admin time for you and your team! Is there anything more valuable than your time?

9 Built-in HEP and R.T.M. System

By modernizing your clinic's patient experience, our system can save you time and money while also providing your patients with exceptional customer service, whether they are in your clinic or at home.

10 Online Bookings and Lead Generation

We understand marketing and how it works to help your business. You need to track your leads and follow them through their journey to see how much they are worth to you. Spry can integrate with Keap and help you understand the lifetime value of your patients so you can determine which marketing strategy is working.

In conclusion, SPRY is the ultimate all-in-one PT solution that can transform your clinic's performance and profitability. By streamlining administrative tasks, eliminating duplication of records, providing real-time data and analytics, and automating billing and insurance eligibility checks, SPRY allows you to focus on what you do best - providing exceptional care to your patients. Don't let your EMR and billing system hold you back from achieving your clinic's full potential. Try SPRY today and experience the difference it can make in your clinic's success. Get ready to SPRY your clinic to new heights!

Why settle for long hours of paperwork and bad UI when Spry exists?

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