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A Step-by-Step Guide to Review SPRY on G2

G2 Reviews empower potential users by offering authentic insights into SPRY's functionality, usability, and impact. They guide decision-making, aiding physical therapists (PTs) in choosing the right tool for their clinical needs. These reviews shape the narrative, highlighting SPRY's strengths and areas for improvement, fostering a community of informed users. This perspective holds weight, influencing PT businesses and individuals seeking reliable clinical management solutions. Each review adds value, contributing to an ecosystem where transparency and shared experiences amplify the understanding of SPRY's capabilities.Therefore, in this guide, we take you through each step of creating a review about SPRY on G2.

Step 1 - Visit SPRY’s G2 Profile 

Select the "Review Now" button to be directed to a page explaining the significance of submitting a review. Next, proceed by clicking on "Continue to Login."

Step 2 - Sign in to G2

After clicking "Continue to login," you will be directed to the login page where you can choose between 3 options: 

  • Either use your LinkedIn account (Option 1) or
  • Your Google Business email (Option 2), or
  • Alternatively, your business email (Option 3). 

For LinkedIn 

To access your G2 using your LinkedIn profile, sign in with your credentials. Once logged in, upon encountering this window, proceed by selecting the "Allow" button.

Tick all the boxes and then proceed by clicking on "Continue."

For Google Business

Upon selecting Google (business), opt for the suitable business email. This selection will directly navigate you to the review screen.

For Business Email

Provide your business email, which will prompt you to enter your first name, last name, and create a password. Upon completing the form, you'll receive an email for verification. Click on the link within the email to proceed further.

Step 3 - Write about your Overall Experience with SPRY

Now that you've entered the review section, ensure to complete all the 'required' fields. Doing so will assist fellow users, like yourself, in better evaluating our platform in comparison to others in the market.

Step 4 - In Depth Product Related Review Section

Within this section, kindly select the purpose for using SPRY, articulate the problems SPRY addresses, assess whether SPRY is on the right track, and rate your overall experience with the product. This can help other PTs like yourself make informed decisions and also assist us in enhancing our platform

Point to Remember - In the section labeled "For which purpose you use SPRY," please choose all the options. Doing so will enhance our understanding of your purposes and enable a more comprehensive review.

Step 5: Submit your review

After finishing all sections (Product Rating, About the Product , About You , About Your Organization, and Feature Ranking), review your answers thoroughly, then click "Submit" to finalize the process.

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